Saturday, April 30, 2011

She Sees

she sits in the middle of the colossal arena
accepting of her fate of death
the emptiness hollowed her out
after so much fear and pain and tears
sadness unbound
the crowd jeers

The Master of Ceremonies incites the flock
hateful glee and spite twisting his ugly face
his black soul revels in such degradation
no mercy in the din
He orchestrates the hatred toward this small
her crime
peonage denied

she looks up and sees the eagle soaring above
she catches the feather
gliding down to meet her filthy hand

she catches images of what the madness looks like from soaring skies
and she smiles
and she stands tall
and she walks free
screams of outrage are no longer heard
the spitting, red rage rolls off like the
Mists of Dream Mountain
her glowing clean skin untouched
she hadn't noticed the open door from
down here in the dirt & decay

great  Exaltation to you Mother Eagle
you were always there
waiting patiently
for your beloved
to See

this poem is dedicated to Dave B.
a Gentleman among the Beasts

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