Sunday, April 10, 2011


It means nothing
your life
your death
your pain
your joy
that smile
that frown
that tear
those years of tears
all your impotent rage
that garden you planted and cultivated for the perfect rose
someone younger taking your husband
someone younger taking your job
someone doing every sport you tried, you giving 110%, better than your sorry ass
that cat that boy killed
that rainforest they destroyed for cattle to feed on to feed you
all that music that inspired you
all those dreams that died that day
all those dreams that came true
you getting raped
you getting murdered
your child dying
your children suffering the same fate as you
the cycle is broken
the cycle is not broken
who cares
you caused it all
you brought the pain
you brought the happiness
just you
not some god(ess) you created
not some sentient mother planet
what you experience is the world
it is the hell
it is the heaven
and when you go-so does it
you may have affected others for the good
or the bad
but eventually they go too
words get forgotten
images burn out
it's all you
your fault
your responsibility
the great
the horrible
means nothing


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