Thursday, April 28, 2011

where is it

I heard a song
talking heads
where is my?
and a list of things
I want some of those things
I waunt sum moor please
We must think positive
or we get nothing
its human nature to destroy
unless you are right with the world
the world is not right with you
thoughts become things
if you are a sad sack
please allow me the honor of giving you the underside of my boots to lick
pull yourself up by the bootstraps
you lazy pathetic shithead
nose to the grindstone
reach out for help if you need it
its really inside you
the truth of all
lean on me
you co-dependant dumbass
you can't rely on others to make you feel better
I will help you if you need it
except actually
thats what friends are for
the phone rings forever
where is my apple fucking pie??
I love him
he hates me
I can't see anything anymore
I can't see past this
this is all there is really
there is nothing else
there is no getting over it
there is no light at the end of a tunnel
babies dying
waves killing them all
I can't see anything else
was there anything else?
I don't remember
I don't think there was
I think that was a Target ad
my mistake
I should tear this thing apart
don't see any reason to stop
The jungle is so thick
The vines are strangling me
I must go
where is the door?
I forget
I can't find it
someone must have moved it while I took that catnap last year
VAST playing on the iPod
That person that wrote that?
He got it
he knows
I think I would like him
if he were a real person
or if I was

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