Friday, April 8, 2011

and then she said

come and be with me
for a little while
we can pretend life is different
and free
we will make a nest in my bed
for days upon days
eat and play games
watch old movies and fuck like beasts
the world we know
full of pain and fear,
lost moments, opportunities and people
all the misery that mires us
will just go away
we will create our own rules
if there are any to create
You can tell me anything
even the scary dark stuff
you hide away, deep down in there
and I won't flinch
and I'll hang on to you
as tight as I can
as you scream
or cry
or both
I'll take you to the beach one day
and show you my secret place
that soothes the scattered mind
you can almost feel
what it feels like to be a real boy
you won't want to leave me
when our respite is up
I will seduce you with
my soothing ways
the softness of me
the curve of my hips
I will let you drown in
a shade of blue
my eyes can turn
that I have never allowed
anyone to see
I would give you the real girl
I hide away, deep down in there
that bides her time,
that waits
and shines

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