Saturday, April 9, 2011


darkness encloses
black cat my life
grey cat yowls
burning eye
never sated
it never ends
but that can be arranged
the only way
it is endured
is to be ignored
mask is sealed
mirror broken
a bird is singing my last song
on that dead tree over there
the one that was supposed to bloom forever
didn't this spring
the season of my malcontent
wasn't just a season
to have a life that is not really real
that can't be right
the FALL of my life
is the fall of my life
the universe calls me
I don't hear a sound
the music has lost its appeal
it's soothing balm
it was all I had
music and
was all I had
and they are
gone now
not even their ghosts
black cat sleeps
grey cat is lost
darkness saturates 

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