Friday, April 29, 2011

Monsters we are All

mother nature
fury with no conscience
or direction
gonna eat you
doesn't matter
if you have money or not
have some more plastic surgery and shut up
your lips are looking old
it will make you feel better
till next year
or the next model is revealed
you are saving hundreds of kids
from being born
from your diseased womb
I don't judge though
do what you gotta do
go fuck that young chick cause
she has the power between her legs
to keep you vital
keep you young
make you richer
put her in that new Jag
nobody will figure out you don't actually like girls
oh you are so fine
What did you do today?
Make some donations to a charity?
thats good, that's real good
a real good tax write off
I do hope you don't get caught
with the dirty deals
that would really suck for those hungry children and cancer all that money is going to
you are so super
we need to find an award to give you
oh wait
There's one!
shaped like a golden ass
good man
beautiful woman
I mean I am pretty sure cause you have super perfect tits
no hips
no hair
down there
but thats ok
nobody is actually looking
and its safer to fuck an illusion
than get caught
with who you really are

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