Friday, April 8, 2011

HAUNTING is an understatement

If its possible
If there is anything
this black hole piss hell
I will come after you
like no ghost
in the history of stories
ever told
I will shit in your mouth
I will rip you to shreds every time
your eyes start to droop
Every attempt at solace and calm
I will tear asunder
I will make sure
you feel every ounce
of rage
stored inside me
every black eye
every choke upon my neck
every hit upon my skin
every harsh brutal word
you spoke against me
and yes, that includes
every lie you ever told
I will make my goal in death
to utterly and
destroy your life.
No death for you
no release
no relief
just PAIN
My vow to you,
the one that murdered me

© 2011 NKFL

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