Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tips my Grandmother told me

My grandmother was a smart woman but not very happy.
So for most of my life I ignored her advice...she made no sense to me.
It has been my lifelong goal to ignore most advice actually.
My logic was: If you are not perfect & living a perfect life, how the hell can you tell me anything?
I think this is my biggest issue with the majority of 'christians'.
I always saw it as very hypocritical.

But there is very good advice out there, even from the most flawed human.
I am finding this out as small things come up in my life and I realize:
Grandmother was right.

Tip I am finding out today:
If your stomach is empty for any extended period of time: eat broth first

I hadn't eaten for 2 days and last night took my kids out to a steak place
and had the potato soup with a salad.
I also stole some of my daughters sauteed mushrooms that were cooked just about better than I have ever tasted.

I didn't eat much, for such a long time without food-I really wasn't that hungry.
...maybe 5 spoonfuls of soup, a few more bites of salad and 5 tiny mushrooms.
Holy fuck...that small amount of food was all it took to cause some major intestinal damage.

I am paying for it.
and other things that make you run to the bathroom.
Cramping that makes me wonder if things aren't literally getting ripped apart inside me.

So, yeah, broth next time.
I'll be in bed the rest of the day thinking about that.

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