Friday, June 3, 2011

DAY 1- 5 more hours to go

I think my small fruit at the end of this should definitely be a pomegranate martini.
The anger is there
The tears are there
I don't feel like a breakthrough is coming though.
I just feel like absolute shit.

I want to know why but I don't
I want everything I want and I want it now.

This is frustration x1000

this is the state of mind where no one wants to deal with you
this is the state of mind where even YOU don't want to deal with you
I am sick of my own fucking bullshit.

And blogging about it is irritating and stupid.
and so is noise...even nature...I want to throw rocks at all these goddamn birds that are singing with such joy at the lovely blue sky and fresh fucking cool breezes...I want to spit on the glorious SUNSHINE...Goddamn you and your insane bright beauty!
and breathing is just a truly fucked up thing to be doing.
Screw oxygen.
I am not hungry.

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