Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bruce and Daisy

Bruce and Daisy are of different 'colors' and backgrounds and environment.
They are becoming friends.
They started watching each other from a distance quite some time ago.
Studying the other, not sure what they were looking for.
Smelling the wind, so many markers for the scent to tell them what's what.
Bruce made sure to pee on every inch of the fence for her convenience.

Bruce is very lonely.
He lost his best friend over a year ago.
She was a victim of racial profiling and general ignorance.
She was a pitbull mix and her life was cut short by mob mentality.
But that's another story entirely.
Bruce is not exactly in the best place to be picky with the company of others.
Even if it's a cat.
And besides, the cats in his own household are friendly...remote and snobbish at times, yes, but he has never had any trouble getting along.

Bruce jumped at Daisy last week.
Daisy made it quite clear, that this was not acceptable behavior with a swift paw to claws of course.
Daisy's human had her declawed.
(My own personal opinion of such a barbaric thing must sit beside me-unheard.)
Not that it mattered, Bruce doesn't know that and was surprised by the sudden action.
He had to show he meant no disrespect.
I mean, his emotions tend to get a little overwhelming at times and he hadn't seen another animal in hours at least.
He respectfully sat down, became very still and nervously kept an eye on the small feet.
Showing Daisy he was ok with this situation and would try very hard to be a good boy.

Watching these two this morning.
What a great lesson in my course of life right now.
They laid near each other, nose to nose but with a nice gap of space for escape, should the need arise.
A dog that outweighs and out teethes this small cat...I was amazed at the calm.
They did a dance to see how close they could come to each other while still maintaining a comfort level.
Back and forth they went, testing out their own personal space limitations.
I am pretty sure, by knowing Bruce much longer, that he would have no problem with Daisy sitting on his face.
Daisy is still working on keeping her hair and back down when Bruce comes to sniff her butt.

It's a game of boundaries.
It's a question of trust.

They are quite cute with all the staring and then ignoring-they don't want to seem too eager.
They are both quite lonely, but that doesn't mean they are desperate or pitiful.
No, there is a lot of self control and high self esteem in them both.
It comes from living in the moment and not thinking to much about their self-worth or where they fit into the world I think.

This looks like the beginning of a lifelong solid friendship.
Bruce chased off another blasted Crow.
Daisy appears to be incredibly impressed with that.

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