Monday, March 28, 2011


I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye last week.
I think I saw you across the street yesterday.
I know you saw me.
I know you have been thinking about me.
You are obsessed with me.
And now, here you are, right in front of me.
Staring me down in that cold, empty way of yours.
I really wish you would just go away.
You don't belong anywhere.
You cause me complications
and pain
and unnecessary road blocks
on my path to a beautiful lie, I mean Life.
I really despise you.
I abhor you.
Piece of Shit.
I would kill you if you had a corporeal form.
I would murder you in the most disgusting ways.
and slowly.
I don't see your point.
You make no damn fucking sense to me.
But come on.
Come here.
And hold on to me.
I will lay down with you

for awhile.

© 2011 NKFL

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