Friday, July 22, 2011

24 hour fast starts now

empty myself out in all ways
maybe the good creative stuff will flow back in..

Finish this story
edit the flash piece
finish 2 more shorts
I actually have places to submit these too
I have the damnedest time finishing anything
this is not hard
this shouldn't be so hard

I stare at the cursor blinking

Empty out
empty it all the fuck out
lost another friend
misunderstandings seem to be the theme of my year
and the fact no one will listen or admit any wrongdoing or accept apologies etc etc etc
or have put me in a box with a label and will refuse to see it any other way out of fear and narcissism.

can't give in to the has dined on my mind and soul long enough.
I will get everything I will be there.
I will work for it
I will grab it by the fucking neck when it comes along
I will see the opportunities, stop being so blind to them

and then when I am in the position to lend a helping hand
I can tell them all to fuck off
It will be a swell, peachy keen moment
to want people to FEEL TRULY BAD about hurting you...
I really don't see how that is so wrong.

never underestimate the power of Vengeance
What the fuck have they done except further my malcontent and anger and pain?
fuck them
Anger has it's place...

there is no light without the darkness

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